17 December 2010

New Year; New Book

Looks like Enchantment: The Life of Audrey Hepburn will be our next book. I'm thinking that a start-date of about Jan. 15 sounds like that will give us enough time to finish out the holidays and get copies of the book and be ready to go. What do you think?

13 December 2010

More Movement

I'm still playing around with what happens when you photograph music. It's a fun game.

Did we come to a consensus on if we're doing The Good Earth or Enchantment?

08 December 2010

Choosing a New Book

So, I know we've all but chosen The Good Earth for our next book, but can I suggest that we consider Enchantment: the life of Audry Hepburn anyway? Apparently she was part of the Dutch resistance in WWII, and carried secret messages in her ballet slippers & got caught & put on a German truck one time, but escaped, and it just sounds interesting.