28 October 2011

My New Book

Since there hasn't been any chatter about what books ya'll would like to read together, I think I'm going to pick out a pair of how-to book to work with for a while. I've been wanting to improve my sewing for a while, so I'm going to work on that.

The first book is Stitch-by-Stitch. I already have a copy of this one, and most of the projects are pretty easy. What I'm looking for with this is to make sure that my basic sewing skills are solid. Plus, most of the projects are cute. Maulbeere and I have plans to do one of them - a cute bag with an owl appliqued on it - together.

The second book I want to study is Shirtmaking, about making men's shirts. I checked it out of the library years ago and wanted it for my personal library, but couldn't find a copy then. By the time I realized that Amazon has it, it was way down the priority list. However, I was recently reminded that Andy pretty much never has shirts that fit, and I'd like to do something about that. So this is the second book I'll be getting. In the mean time, I can brush up on my skills with the other.

Wish me luck - and feel free to play along with either these books or a how-to of your choosing!