05 February 2007

The Idea

So. The plan is to use this blog as a sort of family "Commonplace Book", and discuss books we read. Pick them apart together and learn about the books, about ourselves, and about each other. Starting with Susan Wise Bauer's The Well-Educated Mind, since she's got directions on how to do this and a couple of lists of suggested books. It's an ambitious and exciting plan.

We haven't really talked about what to read after The Well-Educated Mind, but here's what I'm thinking: Why don't we pick one of Bauer's lists (my vote is for either novels or biographies), and alternate that with church books? We can make up a list of church literature we'd like to tackle. Maybe get recommendations on which biographies are good ones from Dad, or tackle Brigham Young's Journal of Discourses or something like that. Or, if we did the biographies list from the book, we could just look at adding the prophets (and anyone else we felt like looking at) where they would belong, historically. Personally, I would also be interested in adding some other folks from church history as well. Not that anyone comes to mind right this second, except for Porter Rockwell. I think that was his name, anyway. We've got some time to figure it out.

I can't wait to get started! C'mon guys - let's play!

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