24 November 2008

Approaching the Book

How do you want to do this book? Do we want to do things in a more orderly fashion - a set goal for a chapter, that sort of thing? Or do you want to just read & post our thoughts as we go along?

I was sort of leaning toward a more orderly reading. A chapter a week, 30 pages a week, what have you. Then we could look at those questions I collected in the side bar, or other thoughts the reading spawned. Maybe aim to do a post every week, excepting some holiday weeks, of course. Personally, I think I'd get more out of a more organized approach, and that way we might get several discussions of different elements of the book going on, as we're almost sure to notice different things.

What do you think?


misskate said...

My vote is, since we're doing it in our book club forum same as the other books, that we should approach it in an orderly fashion like you suggested. I definitely agree that we'd get more out of it that way.

I haven't started reading it yet, so I don't know how long the chapters are (if they're short or excessively long, 30 pages might be a more reasonable amount) but I definitely like the idea of saying each week cover a specific amount and then post on a specific day - maybe a Saturday or something. (my thinking in suggesting a specific day is that we might be more motivated to post if we have a deadline since i know i've struggled with that in the past) hehe

Ritsumei said...

Let's see.

Chapter 1 - 10 pages
Ch 2 - 10 pages
ch 3 - 10 pages
ch 4 - 10.5 pages

Why don't we try 30 pages & see how it goes. That'll be 3 chapters, and should give us ample information to chew on. Then we can post by Friday or Saturday. What say you?

misskate said...

Yes. I think 30 pages sounds good.
December 1st sounds good.
Posting by Friday or Saturday, also good.
I say let's go! :)