26 November 2008

Proposed Reading Schedule

Little Women

Chapters 1-3: Read & post by Dec 6.
Chapters 4-6: Read & post by Dec 13.
Chapters 7-9: Read & post by Jan 3.
Chapters 10-12: Read & post by Jan 10.
Chapters 13-15: Read & post by Jan 17.
Chapters 16-18: Read & post by Jan 24.
Chapters 19-21: Read & post by Jan 31.

That's about half the book, so at this pace it's going to take a while. Let's start out & see if this schedule is realistic. Now that it's been written down it's looking a bit drug out. We'll have to see how it goes. This schedule would probably take us into March.


misskate said...

I am glad that you decided to break it down by chapter. Funny story, so today I went for a walk during my lunch and came across a bookstore having a sale! Woot! I am now the proud owner of the unabridged Little Women. I even started reading it over lunch, so I'm well on my way to full participation. However, I think it's a different edition than the one you have 'cuz my chapter one is 14 pages.
It's all good though, the word count is the same however you slice it :)

Seems good so far!

Ritsumei said...

Yeah, sounds like we've got different editions. It'll be interesting to see how it goes. I think mine is also unabridged, but the 1st chapter is only 10 pages. Smaller type, I hope? I'm glad to hear that you've got it & your starting: I've been forcing myself to wait! Now I won't have to feel like I have to do that anymore!