15 January 2008

Chinese Pronunciation

Last time I studied Chinese history I had an awful time because I couldn't hold people's or places names in my head. So this time I thought I'd try checking the pronunciations as I go along. Maybe if I know how to say it I'll find it easier to keep the various people and places separate from each other. I looked for Pinyin since the author says that's what he's using. Mostly.

Pinyin Pronunciation

Apparently Pinyin is for pronouncing Mandarin. I found some very interesting information about it here. It's really interesting to hear the difference between the various (5) tones that they've got. It sounds like singing on the webpage. I'll have to look around and see if they have any full words, because so far all I've seen is just syllables with pronunciation examples that you can listen to. But it's extremely melodic, even just broken up into syllables. Ah, here are some words with pronunciation both at speed and broken down slowly.

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