20 January 2008

"Doing History"

I ran across this interesting article today about what it is to "do history." As our book is a history book, I thought it relevant enough to mention here.

To study history is to do history. And the only way we can do history is to examine the available records from the past and then write about them. So, doing history means writing history.

I like his reasons! He gives a number of reasons why writing should be an important part of the study of history: it helps you understand & remember it better, and gives you the chance to put your own opinion out there. Sounds a lot like joining the "great Conversation" that Susan Bauer talks about in her two "Educated Mind" books. It makes sense to me. I think when this book is all done I'm going to write a bit about it. I always did like doing papers anyway. This will give me the chance to control the length, content, the whole kit and caboodle. Sounds like fun to me! Anyone care to join me?

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