26 January 2008


So, I'm just thinking out loud here, so don't go getting crazy on me or anything, but here's what I'm pondering tonight:

Sunday School this week covers the rest of Nephi's Vision, including the discovery of the Americas. Go read this.

Now, in light of the information in this book, I have to wonder, was Christopher Columbus perhaps included in the "other Gentiles" rather than being the man the spirit "wrought upon?" I haven't looked too treribly closely at what our book says about Columbus, but the author seems pretty adamantly clear that the European explorers knew to one degree or another that someone had already been where they were trying to go.

Something to ponder.


Jenna said...

Hi there! I see you have TWTM listed as a favorite book. Me too! Do you also own The Well-Educated Mind? For the grownups and self-educators...if not, you should get it! It fits right in with you! Oh, and I use Alfred piano method books. Wait, it was you that asked, right???:)

Ritsumei said...

Yep, that was me (Ritsumei - MissKate also posts here; my personal blog is the Baby Steps blog) that posted on your blog this afternoon. I don't personally own the Well-Educated Mind, but my local library does & we read that one first for the basis of this blog.

I started with Alfred, when I started teaching. What do you do with your kids to help them actually *read* the notes, rather than relying on the "positions?" I never figured that out, which is the main reason why I switched to the Piano Adventures method. Good luck with your teaching!

Anne Bradshaw said...

All very interesting. You might also be interested in reading the following website, http://www.farms.byu.edu/display.php?table=insights&id=357
where it tells about golden plates on display in Bulgaria. I love it when they discover things like this, which back up LDS claims about ancient writing on gold plates. Small quote below:

"The world's oldest multiple-page book in the lost Etruscan language has gone on display in Bulgaria 's National History Museum in Sofia . And something about that book has particular interest for Latter-day Saints.

"As is evident from the photograph, this book was created on metal plates that are bound together with metal rings similar to the original source documents that became the Book of Mormon.

"The book dates back to 600 B.C., which is roughly the time that Lehi and his family left Jerusalem."

Ritsumei said...

I tried to go look at that link you left for us, Anne, but it's not all there. If you stop by again, could you make a tiny url for it please? It sounds very interesting.