18 May 2009

Flourishing to the Finish

Heh, so here I am with my rather late installment :)

Chapter 45
I think it's interesting that we get such a detailed story about Meg's marriage, household and babies, and the other two's life events are sort of touched on, but quickly moved past. This was a cute chapter though.

Chapter 46
I thought that the scene under the umbrella was very sweet. It doesn't bother me nearly as badly as it does Rits that the professor is so much older than her, I just like seeing Jo, after so many chapters of her being so many scraps and down on herself and feeling so out of sorts with the world, finally find a place where she fits and is so very happy.

Chapter 47
I thought that the idea for the school was great; pretty much the perfect solution for Jo and her Professor. She's always had tons love and charity that she's never been able to really share or focus into something that satisfied her; now Jo has the perfect outlet for all her energy.

I think Rits summed it up best when she said, "The book ends with everyone deliriously happy." A fitting end for this book about people who've striven to be the best that they are able.


Ritsumei said...

Interesting that you should feel that way about Meg: I was thinking that we hadn't seen much of her lately as the story focused almost exclusively on Jo's love woes! I wished that we'd been given more peeks into her little "dovecote." Funny how differently people perceive things!

It is definitely nice to see Jo so very happy at the end of the book. And, realistically, you're probably right about the age thing being not that important. Particularly from an eternal perspective. Because there are all sorts of taboo things that seem to be OK, from an eternal perspective. For instance, Adam & Eve's children would certainly have had to marry siblings and cousins. But I would have a very hard time with that too! Polygamy is another instance where current taboos don't entirely fit with eternal principle. I think that part of my problem was that I clung to the notion that Jo & Laurie should have been together for a very long time. And I still think that they could have been happy, though perhaps Amy is a better fit. Who knows. One thing that struck me was the silliness that is inherent in worrying so much over the fate of imaginary people.

misskate said...

"One thing that struck me was the silliness that is inherent in worrying so much over the fate of imaginary people."
HAHA! True and true.
But, then again, that is the draw of reading books: Losing oneself, momentarily, in the story of another.
And fiction is extra fun because, most likely, the book will end with a gloriously happy finish :)