19 May 2009

Proposed Schedule

It looks like 1776 is about 200 pages shorter than Little Women, but the chapters are a bit longer. Last time we were doing 30-35 pages a week. Most of the chapters in this book are about 40-45 pages, except chapter 2, which is 70 chapters. Looks like the text is pretty readable, so I propose the following schedule:

Chapter 1: (17 pages) read & post by May 29. (1 week)
Chapter 2: (70 pages) read & post by June 12. (2 weeks)
Chapter 3: (50 pages) read & post by June 26. (2 weeks)
Chapter 4: (40 pages) read & post by July 3. (1 week)
Chapter 5: (46 pages) read & post by July 10. (1 week)
Chapter 6: (46 pages) read & post by July 17. (1 week)
Chapter 7: (48 pages) read & post by July 24. (1 week)

We could, alternatively, make it 2 weeks & 3 weeks for each chapter. Let me know what you think.


misskate said...

That looks good to me! I'm quite excited to get started. I peaked at the first chapter when I got the book, a couple weeks ago, and it looks like the writing isn't too textbook-like. Wohoo! :)

Ritsumei said...

Excellent. I'm pretty excited about getting going too. I think it'll work out well to do a short chapter first, because I've got a feeling that we'll both want to fool around in our Books of Centuries here at the beginning. It'll give us a chance to do any extra outside stuff that we get curious about right at first. I'll go ahead & post & let the folks that have sounded interested know that we're starting & we can get to enjoying our book!

misskate said...

Sweet! And if it turns out it's heavier reading than we anticipate, we can always adjust accordingly, later.

Ritsumei said...

Absolutely. I am also making some phone calls to folks who have expressed interest in joining us to let them know we're starting another book. "Skunk Toes" sounded somewhat interested, so maybe he'll join us now that we're doing something a bit less girly than Little Women.