05 May 2009

It Came!

My 1776 book arrived this morning. Yay!! I'm getting very excited to delve into this book, I think it'll be interesting to learn more about that time period and all the exciting happenings way back in the day.

Though, I discovered that there are drawbacks to buying a used books.. I thought I'd be all super-bargain-hunter-like and get a gently-used book online. When I opened the package this morning it was very apparent that the previous owner (or at least someone in the house) was a heavy smoker. Eew!

Ah well, I'm sure that'll wear off eventually and other than that, it seems to be in reasonable condition, so I'll survive :)

1 comment:

Ritsumei said...

We had a package like that not too long ago, and we put it outside for a couple hours (overnight, I think) and it helped a LOT. So maybe, depending one what you're weather is going to be like? I still haven't ordered mine. Guess I'd better get on that, or at least see if the library has it!